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JAVASCRIPTS INDEX - UPDATED 05/21/2009 - Now Includes All Site Scripts

For a complete list of all free cut-and-paste JavaScripts on our sites, please see the JavaScript Index, here.
We've recently updated this to include all scripts from,, and
Newer scripts are listed below..

Easy-To-Use PopUp Window Code Generator - 032404
Very simple to use, makes popup window code and tests it.  Select some simple options, hit the button, and the code is ready to be inserted into your html page.
Slick Scrolling Slide Show - 031404
Fill in the parameters and paste the code into your html page, shoot the files to your server; that's about all there is to it.  Flexible design and layout parameters.
Using IFRAME To Put Pages Within A Layer - 022204
This very easy script can be used to insert an external page into a layer in your current page -- a great way to include extra content, especially in crowded pages. Using links within the "iframed" pages, you can literally include a whole secondary content vehicle or mini-website.
Layer Menu Uses External HTML Page - 022204
This menu technique is ideal if you have a number of pages on your site, and may need to frequently change the menu items on all or many of them. Using an iframe within a floating layer, the menu items are contained in a single external html page. Insert the layer code once into each page; so when you must change the menu, you change *only* a single external HTML page... with the changes instantly reflected in every page on your site. No server-side scripting; requires only knowledge of basic html editing.
Floating Transparent Slide Show - 012004
This script creates a floating layer, within which is a sophisticated automatic slide show (including fade transitions) that cycles through the images that you specify. The slideshow layer can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and it will float to that position whenever the window is scrolled. If transparent .gif images are used, the slideshow will run transparently over the page content.
Floating Email-This-Link Script With URL Auto-Capture - 011804
This script creates a floating layer with an email-this-link script in it. The layer can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and it will float to that position whenever the window is scrolled. Enter the recipient address and click the send button, and the visitor's email client is opened, complete with a message in the email body that includes the link for whatever page in which the script is placed.
Instant Image Zooming Attaches to Any Image - 011604
This easy zoom-in/zoom-out script can be attached to any image in your page. The image size will toggle between two sizes you set whenever the image is clicked. The function can be attached to as many images in the page as you wish.
1-Click Easy Drop-Down Menues - 080603
This simple script creates a drop-down menu that opens pages on a single click when selected from the menu. Pages can open in the same window, a new window, or a target frame. Very easy install, and great for tight spots where you need a menu.
Scroll To Top of Page With JavaScript - 072103
Keep Background Fixed When Page Scrolls - 071703

Call More Than One Function From An Event - 071703

Make Window Pop Under - 071703

Set Window Size - 071703

Set Window Position - 071703

Make Window Come To Front - 071703

Stop Window From Losing Focus - 071703

Close Window From JavaScript -  071703

Maximize Window From JavaScript
- 071703
Bring Window To Front Periodically - 071703

Prevent Page Being Captured In Frameset
- 071703

Redirect Page With Or Without JavaScript
- 071703

Reload Page At Given Time Interval
- 071703

Put Scrollbar On Left Instead Of Right
- 071703

Stop Window Scrollbar From Showing
- 071703

Attach Multiple Styles To An Element
- 071703

Use JavaScript Link To Return To Previous Page
- 071703

Protect Page Code
- 071703

Rules For Naming JavaScript Variables - 072403
Basic Window Maximizer - 071603
Place this simple script in the head of your page. When the page is opened it will reposition and resize to fill the full screen area.
Amazing Draggable Slide Show - 122402
This script implements a draggable slideshow that can be used much like a popup window, but without the usual focus problems popups imply. Simple controls to show or hide the slideshow are also included, and any number of images can be used. IE browsers show a cross-fade effect between images in the sequence. Compatible with NS4-7 & IE.
No-Right-Click Script Opens Popup Window - 122302
Use this script to launch a popup window whenever the right mouse button is clicked. Useful for limited protection of page code and images; and the popup window can contain whatever fulmination on human morals you wish to deliver.
Advanced Push-Button Slide Show with Captions & Cross-Fade - 121902
A push-button controlled slide show with image captions and fader-effect image transitions. Cross-browser [NS4-7, IE-4&up] cut-and-paste script presents images in a slide show format, controlled by back, home, and forward buttons. Any number of images and captions can be used. Great for JavaScript newcomers, but a solid utility script, too. A download kit of the complete code and images is also available, free, on the site.
Access Image URL to TextBox - 121802
When an image is clicked, this script will show the image URL in a textbox. Useful for cases where you want others to be able to copy the image address easily for linking... such as for banners, logo graphics, etc. A single instance of the script can be attached to any number of images in the page.
Amazing Draggable Layer - Use Instead of Popups - 121602
This script implements a draggable layer that can be used much like a popup window... but without the usual focus problems that popups often imply. Also included are simple controls to show or hide the draggable layer. Compatible with NS4-7 & IE.
Auto-Sizing Image Popup Window Script - 121602
Use this script to launch a popup window that automatically loads an image and resizes itself to fit neatly around that image. The script also places a title you set in the titlebar of the popup window. Any number of images can be launched from a single instance of the script.
NewsMaker - Smooth News-Ticker Reads From File - 062502
NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling news ticker-scroller that reads its items and links from a text file. Comes with free software tool to make message-and-link file. Supports background images and sound. Automatic headlining, auto-wrapping, text justification, and more.
Advanced Slide Show with Captions & Cross-Fade - 061902
Slide show with image captions and fader-effect image transitions. Easy, short, cross-browser cut-and-paste script presents images in a continuous slide show format with accompanying captions. Any number of images and captions can be used, and timing is adjustable. Great for JavaScript newcomers, but a solid utility script, too.
Background Image Scroller - 041202
Use this script for to create a stunning page effect by scrolling the background image underneath your page content. Includes variable scroll speed, and is very simple to install.
Changing TextArea Background Images on MouseOver - 012902
Use this script to apply a background image to a textarea, and change the image on mouseover. The script can also change the text color in response to the mouseover event. An eye-catching effect, and a very easy install.
E_Cloaker 2.0 Email Address Cloaker - 012502
E_Cloaker 2.0 converts email addresses and text into browser-readable Unicode, making it more difficult for spam extractor 'bots to harvest email addresses from your web page. Using Unicoded addresses throughout your site significantly reduces the amount of spam you receive. Free.
Invoking The SaveAs Dialog From A Web Page - 010702

IE4+ browsers provide a document.execCommand() that can call certain system dialogs. This script demonstrates calling the SaveAs dialog to save a web page. The script includes onload interlocking and alternate alert messaging for non-IE browsers.

Formatting Background, Font, and Sticky Selection in Dropdowns - 010402

This script sets font face, size, color, style and background color in dropdowns. Optionally, you may set sticky selection, which changes the action of the dropdown slightly. Great for getting larger fonts for emphasis or for the visually impaired -- or just to dress up otherwise bland dropdowns.

Disabling The MyImage Toolbar in IE6+ -122801

IE6+ incorporates a new feature called the MyImage Toolbar, which, if enabled on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Enable Image Toolbar, provides the user with a popup menu over images that allows the user to instantly save, print, or email any image in a page. This technical note shows how to disable or enable this feature.

Adding A Background Image To A TextArea - 121901

Quick, easy way to add an image to the background of a textarea... a great way to dress up an otherwise bland browser page. Stunning effect!

Active Image Resizing With Drag - 121101

This script allows you to resize one or more images on a page by clicking and dragging on the image(s). A single left-click will also reset the image to a default size. Any number of images may be used.

Blocking JavaScript Errors - 121001

Place this simple script in the <head> ... </head> of the page to block JavaScript errors in the page. We've found this useful with page material from sources other than our own that may contain errors (ad banners, automated news feeds, etc.).

Accept Focus Until Closed [Window Control] - 071801

This is a simple technique, but one that is asked for very often. When you open a window and wish to keep it 'on top' of all others until closed, all you need do is add this small snippet to the body tag. Demo included.

2-Way Background Images SlideShow - 070401

Unusual script creates an image slideshow in the *background* of the page, underneath the page content. In the first method, the images are discretely positionable in the page space, just like a regular slideshow. In the second method, the slideshow runs with full page-space presentation. An easy install.

Make PopUp Windows
without writing a single line of code.
4-Flasher Background Color Effect - 070401

When the page opens, this script rapidly cycles the page background through four different colors and then to the page fixed color. A striking page-opener effect that does *not* depend on MSIE transitions. Easy.

Background Image-Change on MouseOver or Link - 070301
Use this script to change the background image used by the page, from a clicked link or on mouseOver. Any number of images can be used. Shows how to attach to a regular (clicked) link, or how to activate the background image change on a mouseOver. Easy.
Background Color-Change from Link or MouseOver -070201

Use this script to change the color of the page background from a clicked link or on mouseOver. Any number of colors can be used. Shows how to attach to a regular (clicked) link, or how to activate the color change on a mouseOver. Easy.

Change Style Sheets On-The-Fly from Page Links - 070101

Use this script to allow visitors to change a page style sheet on-the-fly, by clicking on a link in the page. The script works by switching the active style sheets. You can use any number of style sheets, which are automatically detected by the script. Optional alerts are included. Setup is easy and straightforward. Comes as a complete kit, as well as in the usual listings format..

Access Control by Screen Size - 062501

With an increasing number of standard screen resolutions in use, it's often necessary to do separate designs for each. Use this script to control access and redirect to separate pages based on 640, 800, 1024, or larger screen sizes. The script includes optional alert messages, which can be enabled or disabled via a script variable. Thorough instructions are in the script, and set-up is easy.

Accent JavaScript Web-Based Browser [Web-Based JavaScript FullScreen Browser Script Kit] - 062301

The Accent JavaScript browser is a complete, basic, fullscreen web-based browser implemented in a JavaScript script set, including the core controls (Location Box with Go button, and Home, Back, Stop, Forward, and Close Buttons). Clean, simple, slick design, this is a solid starting point for building your own site-based browser, and a good demo of basic techniques. Easy to 'rebrand' to your own site. Full code listings are provided, as well as a download 'kit' with all code, ready to run, with no modification needed. Freeware.

Closing Windows From JavaScript - Six Methods - 052301

This set of short, easy scripts shows six different ways to close a window from JavaScript, including closing windows from a clicked link, a clicked image, or a clicked form button.  Special instructions are also included for closing windows comprised of frameset pages.

Flying Focused Window Ad Script - 050401

The Flying Focused Ad Window script creates a popup window when the launch page loads.  The popup slides first down, then across, then up the screen, then back to its starting point.  The window maintains focus throughout.  Only closing the window returns focus to the launching window.  Great for drawing special attention to announcements or banner ads!

Boinger Window - 050901

The Boinger Window script set launches a popup window that continually switches back and forth between two settable sizes. The cycle time is settable.  The screen location is also settable and may switch back and forth in the timing cycle. Cool effect, super for making sure visitors don't miss a special announcements or important banner ads!

Title Bar Message Ticker - 051101

The Title Bar Ticker script shows changing text in a multi-message ticker-type display in the browser title bar. Any number of message lines may be used, and a moving, attention-getting slide box draws the eye to the messages.

Highlighting Form Text Areas on Mouse Click - 052301

This simple script set shows how to highlight (select) the text in a form's textarea by clicking on a link.  Useful for code listings, order form information, or other material the visitor may wish to copy to the clipboard with Control+C.

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